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These Walls

by Konza Catholic -

This is not the same chapel I walked into for the first time three years ago. These are not the same walls. These walls have now heard my pleading prayers, raw emotions, and countless songs of praise. And not only from me, but also from so many other students, families, and K-Staters. 


The floor, right below the altar steps. The cold tiles that brought comfort when I just needed to be close to you. I sat and poured my heart out, and was filled in return.

The kneelers that held me up when I was too weak to stand, questioning what the future would hold. These college years have been anything but certain.

The pews where I sat. Listened. Pondered. Reflected. Sometimes dozed off if it was late enough at night or early enough in the morning. 

The stained glass windows I leaned up against while awaiting the confessional, not fully knowing how much Jesus’ mercy would change me.

The very back of the chapel, where you could gaze ahead and see row after row of people packed in so tightly; a memory that just feels like home somehow.

The sections where I couldn’t fully see the sacrifice of the Mass, because these walls are only so wide.

The crucifix where I looked and asked the Lord who He is, who I am, and what I am made for. The crucifix that captivates the gaze of all who have seen.

The places where I watched as dear friends became Catholic and received the Eucharist for the very first time. A feeling that is truly hard to describe. 

The intimate and honest space between the piano and the microphones, where things happened that can only be explained by the Most Holy Spirit.

And of course, these walls. Walls that will come down soon; not gracefully but messily - kind of like the walls you tore down in my heart, night after night. Walls that caught tears and rejoiced with us all the same.

These walls built friendships seemingly instantly, embraced us in our imperfect moments, and cultivated a community with a bond stronger than that of this world.

But what a good, good thing that these walls cannot fully be held responsible. That when they soon come down, all these experiences remain the same as our Lord follows us through new walls, new buildings, and new beginnings.

Grace Leonard is a junior studying Secondary Education and Social Studies. She feels deeply, is passionate about music, and is inspired by the irreplaceable-ness of every human person. Click here to find her blog & musical outlets.

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