• When a Priest Dies - KCP 121

    Join us for another Thirsty Thursday edition of the Konza Catholic Podcast as Father Drew breaks down why the funerals of priests are so special. Learn about some unique traditions that happen at a priest's funeral, and the power they can have in transforming lives.

  • What To Do When Your Boyfriend Transfers to a Small Liberal Arts College. Feat. Fr. Chad Arnold -KCP 118

    Join us for another episode of the Konza Catholic Podcast as the Fathers sit down with Fr. Drew's new boss, Fr. Chad Arnold. He tells the story of his vocation, his experience as vocations director for the diocese of Wichita, and how to encourage young men and women in their vocations. Fr. Chad is a great friend of the pod and we're very happy to share his stories with you.
  • The Fr. Kerry Wakulich Episode - KCP 112

    Join us for a VERY relaxed episode of the Konza Catholic Podcast as Fr. Gale and Fr. Drew sit down with their good friend Fr. Kerry Wakulich. Fr. Kerry is the pastor of the Student Center at Oklahoma State, and has lots of great things to say about friendship, the priesthood, and Fr. Gale.
  • Fr. Gale Receives a Major Award, and 20,000 Meals! - KCP 110

    Join us for another episode of the Konza Catholic Podcast as we discuss some guy named Gayle Hammerschmidt being named Manhattan's clergy person of the year. After that, we move on to celebrating one year and 20,000 meals of the Konza Student Table, which helps us reflect on service generally. 

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  • Meet Father Matt - KCP 107

    Join us for a very special Thirsty Thursday as Fr. Gale introduces his new associate, Fr. Matt Davied! Father Matt is a K-State and Izzy's grad, and we're so excited to have him back. He and Father Gale talk about why college ministry is so special, and much more!
  • St. Oscar Romero: The Grain of Wheat that Dies

    Join us for another Thirsty Thursday as Father Drew breaks down the story of one of his heroes, the great Salvadoran Martyr Oscar Romero. He discusses his courage and devotion to the Eucharist and the poor, and why we can all look to this great Saint as an inspiration for our own lives.
  • "Yesterday Our Lives Were Fun, Today They Mattered" - KCP 104

    Join us for another episode of the Konza Catholic Podcast as Father Gale and Father Drew celebrate the feast of St. John Vianney, patron of Priests. We take the moment to share stories about this great saint, then move on to discussing the priesthood in general, and how the Fathers have experienced it. This is a great episode to share with any young man you think would make a good priest!
  • When You Say Yes, Things Work Out -KCP 092

    Join us for another episode of the Konza Catholic Podcast as The Fathers and Vaughn discuss Fr. Drew's last few days as a priest at St. Isidore's, and how the great gift of obedience leads to freedom and joy. 
  • The Day Father Drew Became A Priest -KCP 083

    Join us for another Thirsty Thursday as Fr. Drew tells the story of his ordination, released on the four-year anniversary. He explains what happens at any ordination, and tells us what it's like to experience. Please pray for Fr. Drew, Fr. Gale, and all priests and soon-to-be priests as ordination season begins.
  • PATRIOT PRIEST: The Inspiring Life of Father Emil Kapaun - KCP024

    As the country has recently celebrated Veteran's Day, Father Drew Hoffman of St. Isidore's Catholic Student Center shares the story of a true American hero: Father Emil Kapaun. Venerated by the Catholic Church as a "Servant of God," Kapaun was ordained in the Diocese of Wichita, served as a U.S Army Chaplain in WW2 and Korea, and was an example of faith, valor, and service to others--even to the point of death. There are so many lessons we can learn from this great soul.