Whether you are a college student or a senior citizen, Konza Catholic is a media ministry dedicated to helping you grow in your Catholic Faith and abounding in faith, hope, and love.

In addition, we have a special desire to encourage you to pursue excellence for the glory of God; to possess a vision, work ethic, and holy ambition that drives you to be successful in every area of your life--from your fitness to your finances. We take Benedict XVI's words seriously: "God did not call you to a life of comfort, but to a life of greatness."

We like to put it this way:  Seek Heaven. Succeed on Earth.

Our name, Konza Catholic, is inspired by the Konza Prairie, just outside Manhattan, in the beautiful Flint Hills of Kansas. Konza Catholic is operated by The St. Isidore's Catholic Student Center.  The primary purpose of St. Isidore's is to minister to students at Kansas State University.

However, in this digital age where so many people are distracted and depressed, and there are so many challenges to faith, we felt led to expand our ministry; not only to keep ministering to K-State students after they graduate, but to provide guidance and support to Catholic men and women of all ages who find themselves in various situations of life.

First and foremost, we feel called to serve the souls of Kansas.

But we hope anyone, anywhere in the world, will be blessed by our ministry and motivated to grow in your commitment to Christ and His Church.

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