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We use digital platforms to promote the Catholic Faith in a winsome, wise, creative and compelling way. First to Kansas, then the world!

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Two priests serving as college chaplains in Kansas talk, laugh, and teach their way through trending topics, popular culture, and – of course – the truth, goodness, and beauty of the Catholic Faith. This is the Konza Catholic Podcast. Welcome to Rome on the Range!

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Imagine if every committed Catholic in the state of Kansas joined a “virtual community” with others who shared their Catholic Faith? How would that energize Catholic community in our state? How would it revitalize parish life? How would it facilitate more organized and fervent efforts to serve the poor, feed the hungry, protect the unborn, or evangelize the culture? That’s the purpose of Konza Conclave.

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Over the next year, we’ll be releasing more and more premium video content meant to help you grow in your Catholic Faith and commitment to Jesus. For now, we invite you to sign up for our inaugural course, “Mere Christianity for Modern Catholics.”

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